The Secret Lives of Jessie Monroe

Jan McCleery’s popular series, “The Secret Lives of Jessie Monroe,” has been called part spy novel, part political thriller, and part romance novel

Jessie Monroe, an astute, technically savvy, highly-trained CIA spy, goes under cover as Juno Wolfe, Jada Foxx, … to tackle the most challenging and risky missions: pitting her against the corrupt and incompetent President White, tracking down terrorists embedded in the Black Lives Matter movement, and solving the simultaneous disappearances of Air Force Two and President Monroe’s sailboat. Immerse yourself in her adventures in the first four books in the series:

  • Riveting.
  • Oh Jan, I didn’t want it to end, but really pleased with the ending. Please write more of Juno/Jessie escapades, I am not ready to let her go  – you are an amazing writer, and the world needs to hear more from you.
  • Absolute perfect suspense.. best I’ve read in this genre in a while.
  • I really enjoyed Juno’s Revenge! You have a new follower! I’m going to get your first three books from Amazon so I can get caught up with the series. Please keep me in mind for any future books you write, as I’d love to work with you again.
  • It’s a fun ride.
  • Your Jessie Monroe series would make for a good movie or mini-series. 
  • A real page-turner, a heart pounding fictional thriller that mirrors current events and echos the times we live in.

To purchase these and see all of the books and short stories by Jan McCleery, go to and search for “Jan McCleery” (Kindle and paperback).

And stay tuned for Jan’s next book in the series, The Aurora Effect.

Will A.I. save humankind … or destroy it?